Our Urban Development Management System (UDMS) is a web-based Geographic Information’s System (GIS) platform that enables our clients to both improve business efficacy and management operations. Using Geographic Information System (GIS), our Urban Development Management System (UDMS) combines mapping and data analytics to deliver location intelligence and meet digital transformation needs for organizations of all sizes across the continent. Our goal is to inform, inspire and empower our clients to unlock their potential.

UDMS affords clients the ability to capture and automate key business processes while maintaining operational efficiency across the board. As a user-centric solution, it runs on a secured web platform for maximum reach with field-to-office workflows.

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Services offered

Waste Management

Invictus utilizes its UDMS to identify suitable solid waste disposal sites that are economically feasible, environmentally sound, and socially acceptable by applying Geo-AI and geospatial information system technologies....

Mining & Exploration

From mineral exploration to mine remediation, we utilize enterprise mapping technologies to support decision-making throughout the entire mining life cycle...

Ready Platforms

Land & Resource Management System (LRMS)

Tax Map Book Register, Constructions Register, Business Register, Building Inventory, Street Addressing System, Land Parcel Inventory, Street mapping, Postal Addressing.

Health Informatics Management System (HIMS)

Tracing Register, Disease Surveillance Catalogue, Hotspots Register, Socio-Demographic Maps, At-risk Cohorts Register, Program M&E Dashboard.

Humanitarian & Emergency Response System (HERS)

Operations Services Map Series, Hazard Vulnerability Maps, Public Safety Maps, Emergency Assistance Zoning Maps, Situation Awareness Maps, Logistical Services Map Series.

Some of the key benefits of utilizing UDMS are:
1. Sustainable & Controlled Urban Development 95%
2. Improved Socio-Economic Growth 97%
3. Established Policies and Standards 95%
4. Controlled Revenue Allocation & Collection 95%
5. Enhanced Utilities Management 93%
6. Actualization of Smart Cities & Communities 98%

Our Approach to UDMS

  • We connect the most comprehensive set of analytical methods and spatial algorithms available.
  • We use location intelligence as the connective thread to uncover hidden patterns, improve predictive modelling, and create a competitive edge.
  • We combine and support field workflows and enable office and field personnel to work in unison, using real-time data.
  • We use maps to help the client spot spatial patterns in their data giving them the ability to make better decisions and take action.

What UDMS delivers

We work with the Private Sector, Governments, International Donors, and NGOs in delivering the following through UDMS:



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