Hamza M.O Egal is a determined international advocate of Human Rights, an academia and a development fanatic in different spheres across Africa. He is one of the founding and current Chairman of RAF International University, a modern university that aims to problem solve through education and training in Africa.

Hamza was one of the youngest Deputy Vice Chancellor in Kenya, serving the Administration, Finance and Planning departments of the university. Outside the university, he sits on the board of a number of tech and development private sector companies that strive and specialize in Urban Development and Agri-business, with the ultimate objective of addressing some of the economic and environmental development issues arising from unproductive public and private sectors within the continent. The companies share a common holistic approach to development, maintenance of a robust healthy societies and the preservation of the ecosystems. This to a great extent resonates with Hamza’s overall attitude in life with his dogmatic personality always reflecting in his actions and words.

The fruits of our ideologies are not found in our words or thoughts, rather they are enshrined in the integrity of our actions”

is a motto he lives by as he continues to fight extremism and indoctrination of the youth, inequalities against women, marginalization of communities and refugees, especially in the processes of tertiary education, workforce training and governance.

Hamza’s accomplishments, skills, educational background and training reflect a deep commitment to the philosophy and mission of progressive ethical development in businesses, cultures and higher education. At every level he has been seminal in advocating for human rights, employability education and the advancement of women, girls and marginalized communities. His program aimed at educating refugees is currently at the evolution stage with an initial scholarship case study success saw to the awarding of 50 scholarships to students from the Dadaab refugee camp.

He is also a director in a number of policy research and development institutions such as the African Institute of Refugee & Migration Studies (AIRMS), Centre for Research in Humanities & Social Sciences (CRHSS), Institute for the Study of Indigenous Muslim Cultures & Literatures (ISIMSL). His key proficiencies include policy research and development, strategy implementation, Business Management, legal writing and research, administration management, public speaking, conflict resolution, project development and co-ordination, program management

His leadership role in higher education and development is appreciated and this is evident from the frequent consultation and interview requests he receives from international development organisations and news media on social issues related to human rights, diversity, equity, Social and economic advancement, Pan Africanism, technical skills and the role of education as diplomacy for peace and global security.

In his spare time, he is an avid reader, writer, human rights activist and a volunteer in different community-based programs such as awareness creation and fundraising campaigns, lecturing and legal advice. Hamza’s goal has always envisioned the developing world as the template for a new global strategic direction for a better tomorrow. He believes that fate is fashioned, destiny is seized and that Africa will be the example of self-sufficiency and accountability. 

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