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Managing Mining Operations Using Location Intelligence

From mineral exploration to mine remediation, we utilize enterprise mapping technologies to support decision-making throughout the entire mining life cycle. Everyone in your company can access data and smart maps for project planning, mine operations, transportation management, and risk analysis. Sector players use GIS to process operations and exploration permit applications, report economic impacts, track mining activity, and enforce reclamation regulations.

At the core of our approach is the use of digital transformation of the mining business through the breakdown of operational silos to enable efficient, technology-driven decisions both human-aided and machine-automated to be made from operational to strategic levels within the business.

Save on time and resources by using our platform to both plan, design, and monitor select sites for mineral exploration and management of mining operations. Utilize easy-to-understand digital dashboards that fuse location intelligence and all operational data to provide real-time insights.

A digital approach to automating mining operations and facility management helps industry leaders assess process efficiency, develop operations plans, grow their business, protect staff and assets and improve daily operations.

Key solution features are:
Our Technology

In mining operations management, identifying and quantifying mineral materials are key to a sustainable business. We geo-enable operators with key technologies that are cost-effective and enterprise ready.

Key features of the technology are:

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