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We believe technology can truly be effective when we use it to organize and coordinate our relationship with each other and the planet. Data allows us to plan and learn from nature, giving us a holistic picture in how best to re-engineer the most detrimental industries to our global biodiversity. 

The need for green based social economics must be structured into climate change efforts, one can’t be effective without the other. We design and deploy a location-enabled agritech software and hardware system platform to enable farmers and external stakeholder (sponsors, donors, philanthropies, partnerships) to gain insights into farming activities for improved operations management, budget tracking, efficiency assessment, and overall business decision support. Our solutions focus on key areas which include:


1. Agri-Business

We provide customer segmentation profiles for marketing and sales of farm produce. This ties up the value chain by connecting the producers and consumer markets both locally, regionally and internationally.


2. Operations Management

Using GIS and aerial imagery, farmers can monitor crop and animal health at every interval until full maturity. Key sub-modules available include

  1. Crop Suitability Mapping
  2. Agricultural Cadastre
  3. Precision Farming
  4. Water Management
  5. Animal Tagging & Tracking.

These benefit organizations in making informed and timely decisions on our near real-time reporting and analytics platforms. It also Increases yield production and production forecasting. Timely and improved business decision support for your organization. Enhanced program and project. And management for operational excellence. Increased transparency and audit in planning and resource allocation for operations, business reporting and overall monitoring and evaluation.


3. Early Warning Systems

Early warning system is an adaptive measure for climate change, using integrated communication systems to help communities prepare for hazardous climate-related events. Key solutions included are:

  1. Production & Yield Forecasting
  2. Health and Safety Reporting
  3. Hazard Assessment

4. Facility Management

Utilize real-time data analytics for informed situation awareness reporting within a managed facility. Our platform integrates with live data streams to centralized knowledge center that hosts accurate and current information to empower organizations to make timely, sustainable and impactful decision support.


5. Mapping Services

The safety of the food supply is essential to the public and vital to an economically sustainable agriculture industry. Agricultural Best Management Practices can be used to enroll agricultural producers in best management practice programs and monitor the success of those programs. We offer customized, user-centric, enterprise-level geo-informatics solutions that transform business operations in a production environment. Our quality mapping services cover 2D , 3D , & 4D data refresh cycles for timely support.

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Invictus Development Africa provides an efficient, cost effective solution to resolving food security and turning agriculture to successful business ventures. Our aim is to turn Africa’s largest and most unexploited resource – agriculture, into a source of new wealth. Invictus Development Africa’s ‘Green Concept’ is a comprehensive, sustainable, clean, reliable, and cost-effective way for agricultural growth.

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